™Marketing Magazine Issue 15 | Page 5


Tulip Media Group is committed to our purpose : To fuel revenue growth for our Client-Partners through effective marketing .
As part of our core value of transparency and open communication , we continue to share our evolution of Tulip Media Group in this regular update .
PAINTED PICTURE UPDATES At Tulip Media Group , we ’ ve adopted a strategic visioning exercise called the “ Painted Picture ,” which you can learn more about at TM . Media / PaintedPicture .
As part of our next-level transparency , each quarter we share updates on what we ’ ve accomplished towards our own Painted Picture .
Tulip Media Painted Picture Updates Since our last issue we ’ ve accomplished the following towards our Painted Picture :
• Social Media Offering . We ’ ve solidified an easy , effective , and enjoyable social media content process that is enabling us to create content that is on point and engaging for our Client-Partners . The model we ’ ve created is very efficient and effective and will serve our Client-Partners very well .
• Get-A-Quote Process . In efforts to make our automated online conversions even more efficient , we have rolled out a Get-A-Quote process on our website for printed newsletters and customized magazines . This process is a real service for prospects and a huge time saver for our sales process . We ’ re very excited !
• Streamlined Proposal Tool . We have programmed a new proposal tool within our pricing calculator . This enhanced tool not only gives our marketing specialists quick access to a dynamic pricing module but it also generates an automated proposal for prospects . This is greatly simplifying our sales process for everyone involved .
On October 22nd , Stacey O ’ Brien and Erika MacLeod were joined by several staff , family members , and supporters at a book-signing event , celebrating their recently released book , The Ultimate Culture , at our local Chapters / Indigo bookstore . The book was released earlier this year ; however , due to COVID , the book signing was delayed until this fall . The event was a huge success .
The Ultimate Culture shares numerous strategies that companies can adopt to create and enforce strong company culture . It outlines many of the simple , yet effective , tactics that we use here at Tulip Media Group . Stacey and Erika ’ s goal is that the book and the stories shared within it will inspire other teams and workplaces to create their own ultimate culture and high-performing teams .
Check out the book at TM . Media / UltimateCulture .
Our book Double Sales / Zero Salespeople — written by our very own Andy Buyting and Jessica Embree — is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback ! In the book , Andy and Jessica cover the transformation that we went through here at Tulip Media that enabled us to double our quarterly sales rate with zero salespeople . The model outlined in the book has been proven and is working for countless other Client-Partners and is making a huge impact !
The concepts inside this book are transformational for companies looking to reinvent their business development strategy to attain higher growth rates with fewer ( to zero ) salespeople .
We are grateful for the amazing feedback we ' ve recieved already . It ’ s clear that the book is making a difference and having an impact . Check it out at TM . Media / DoubleSalesUS .