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Danish Prefer Health Drinks To Sodas –Ken Research In 2016, the retail value sales of naturally healthy beverages varied a great deal. Due to strong performance by NH fruit/herbal tea, the retail value sales of NH tea increased a little. NH soft drinks declined its retail value sales by 2%, which lead to decline in retail value sales of NH fruit/vegetable juices by 3%. In 2016, there was increase in popularity of NH superfruits by 21%, despite fall in NH fruit/vegetables juices. In addition, in the same year, the growth of retail value sales of NH 100℅ juices saw a drop by 5℅. According to the market research report "Naturally Healthy Beverages in Denmark", in 2016, the leading player of NH beverages was continued to be Rynkeby Goods with the retail value share of 21%. The company was able to reach the leading position because it is leading the NH fruits/vegetables juices by 36%