Mansfield ISD Magazine Summer 2021 | Page 22


Among the many grants given this year by the Education Foundation was one to support suicide prevention .

Mansfield ISD ’ s Ambassador of

Education Award is given to individuals or organizations that closely partner with the district to impact the lives of MISD students , staff members and families .
This year , members of the MISD Education Foundation received the distinction for their enthusiasm to support the district in such a different — and sometimes challenging — school year .
Campuses receive grants that foster innovation in the classroom .
The Foundation has served the community since 1998 . In those 23 years , the organization has provided more than $ 3.5 million in grants to MISD projects and initiatives .
“ The Mansfield ISD Education Foundation is an integral part of our school district . A lot of what they provide for us simply would not happen if they weren ’ t here ,” said STEM coordinator Victoria Webster . “ Their Board works so hard with bringing in community partners and businesses to make sure that we are able to provide the innovative education that Mansfield ISD is known for .”
This year , specifically , the Foundation has really stepped in and supported the district in a number of ways . More than $ 250,000 was donated for various initiatives and programs .
Foundation Support for the 2020-21 School Year :
• Significant financial support for MISD educators and staff during the coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) pandemic
• Sponsoring masks for the district ’ s drive-thru back-to-school bash
• Contributions to support the district ’ s social-emotional learning practices
• Funding for diversity , equity and inclusion initiatives
• Funding for the Frances Brownlee scholarship program , which gives paraprofessionals an opportunity to earn a bachelor ’ s degree in education for free
• Several grants awarded to campuses to help foster innovation in the classroom