Mansfield ISD Magazine Summer 2019 | Page 18

Mansfield High School JROTC Places at National Tournaments This was the first time Mansfield High School drill competed in the National High School Drill Championship. six Team: ST TROPHIES 1 & in the CHALLENGE DIVISION Mansfield High School’s JROTC placed in multiple categories during the U.S. Army Cadet Command JROTC National Drill Championship in Richmond, Virginia. The competition had over 103 JROTC programs competing from all over the nation. It was the largest army nationals ever. The Unarmed Lady Tigers Color Guard and Regulation Unarmed Lady Tigers Drill Team placed second overall. In addition to those titles, the Storming Tigers Armed Drill Team and Lady Tigers Unarmed Drill Team placed fifth overall in the tournament. Mansfield High School JROTC also competed at the National High School Drill Team Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida from May 3-5. The team brought home a total of six trophies and placed first overall in the challenge division. “My heart is overjoyed for this group of amazing young men and women” said Assistant Principal Jacquetta Haygood. “I watched spectators film their performances, amazed by the gifts of our armed and unarmed cadets. They made MISD history and I am proud to be their administrator.” MISD 2019 ELECTION RESULTS Voters went to the polls on May 4, and all three Mansfield ISD incumbents kept their seats. Randall Canedy has served on the MISD Board since RANDALL 2018. He was a part CANEDY won Place 3 of the team that with 69.6% helped create the of the vote MISD Education Foundation and served as its founding president. He has also been awarded the MISD Community Service Award 18 | Mansfield TODAY for his years of volunteerism. Raul Gonzalez began his service on the MISD Board in 2010 and has served as Board President. He is a Center for Reform RAUL of School Systems GONZALEZ won Place 4 Texas Fellow, a with 62.48% National School of the vote Board Association Advocacy Fellow and a Leadership TASB Master Trustee. Karen Marcucci has served on the MISD Board since 2013. She was an active supporter of both the 2011 and 2017 bond packages. She is also part of the leadership team that helped bring the Big Hope mentoring program to Alice Ponder Elementary School. BOARD PRESIDENT KAREN MARCUCCI won Place 5 with 73.53% of the vote