Mansfield ISD Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 5

We Not Only Identify the Problem – We Offer the Solution. Our Therapists Work with Children Who May Have Trouble in These Areas: • Lack of Focus • Behavioral & Social Issues with Family & Friends • Outbursts / Meltdowns • Academic Attention Issues • Sensory Integration / Sensory Processing Full Service Therapy Clinic for Kids & Young Adults With Special Needs Our goal is to create opportunities for individuals to master developmental tasks, achieve independence in multiple environments and regulate physical, cognitive and emotional behaviors through comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans. Through their journey of raising their two sons on the autism spectrum, Joe and Kate Lundgren have come to understand greatly the challenges for a child that struggles with special needs, learning difficulties and social issues. It is with their unique perspective and knowledge that Kate and Joe set out to help families just like their own. Questions? Give us a call to setup an appointment for more information and a FREE consultation. Dallas / Allen: (469) 675-3153 Ft. Worth / Mansfield: (817) 752-9662 Houston / Katy: (281) 769-1015 • Occupational, Speech, & Physical Therapy • Largest state-of-the-art gyms in Texas to make reaching goals fun • Certified in the most advanced treatment modalities • Our staff has over a century of combined experience • Performs independent education evaluations for schools throughout the state of Texas • Transition to adulthood services Mansfield School & Family 3