Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2020 | Page 21

BROOKLYN TERRY 8th Grade James Coble Middle School
ANGEL MARTINEZ-MOYA 12th Grade The Phoenix Academy
What ’ s one thing you love about this school year ?
Being home as a virtual student
Having the opportunity to come back to school face-to-face
What is the worst song ever ?
“ You Know the Vibe ” by SeanDoesMagic
“ Friday ” by Rebecca Black
Who ’ s your favorite superhero ?
Superman . He ’ s a classic .
Spiderman . That was always my favorite growing up .
What ’ s your dream job ?
A WNBA player or a principal
Becoming a master electrician
Name the best way you can help others .
Giving good advice
Giving them real-life solutions to problems
What ’ s something you think everyone should try at least once ?
Bungee jumping