Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2020 | Page 20



CAYSEN FRANKLIN 3rd Grade Erma Nash Elementary School
MADISON BUTLER 6th Grade Mary Orr Intermediate School
What ’ s one thing you love about this school year ?
I love everything about it . I love school .
Everyone is nice and understanding
What is the worst song ever ?
Some R & B song that my mom listens to
“ Row , Row , Row Your Boat ”
Who ’ s your favorite superhero ?
Green lantern because I like the name and look .
Superman because he ’ s strong and can fly .
What ’ s your dream job ?
A gaming YouTuber and a rapper
A veterinarian
Name the best way you can help others .
Complimenting others Being kind and patient
What ’ s something you think everyone should try at least once ?
Making a YouTube channel
Try getting to know someone that you wouldn ’ t usually hang out with .