Mansfield ISD Magazine Fall 2020 | Page 11

Staff members all over the district worked hard to set students up for success for the new school year . These educators at Rogene Worley Middle School distributed textbooks to families before the first day of in-person instruction began .
Jordan Duran , junior at Timberview High School , can ’ t drive yet , but he can fly ! The 16-year-old completed his first solo flight at the end of September .
Second-graders at Cora Spencer Elementary School learned about sound energy and made instruments to demonstrate what they learned .
Preparing students for life readiness is still the goal at MISD schools . Students and staff members at Lake Ridge High School participated in College Week to spark conversations about higher education .
Students at Cross Timbers Intermediate School showed that drugs won ’ t control their future by dressing up in career-related outfits . It was part of Red Ribbon Week , the largest drug abuse prevention campaign in the United States .
A little reminder from the MISD Police Department ... We Are MISD Strong !