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packaging may be minimal . The labels might even be a little crooked – but the taste , quality and freshness is hard to beat !
2 . If you find yourself at a stand with a box or basket on the counter , the wall , the shelf , or a small table by the door , you ’ re definitely on your own . Don ’ t panic ! Just make sure to keep a running tab of the items that you put in your bag , and leave exact change in the box or basket .
3 . In most cases , calculators , pens and paper should be there to help you add up your tab .
4 . Keep in mind that pricing isn ’ t always consistent from stand to stand . Some things will cost more at some stands than others , but no matter the total amount you spend , the products will be fresh , natural , and locallysourced !
General Etiquette :
1 . Sustainability is key ! Don ’ t forget to bring a reusable bag to hold your produce and products .
2 . Be sure to leave your dog at home or in the car ( with a window open and / or the air conditioning on in the summertime ). Many farms have unofficial “ free range chicken Welcoming Committees .” For the collective safety of every person and animal involved , it ’ s best to leave your canine companions in a safe and protected place .
3 . Certain items will sell out quickly at certain farm stands , so it ’ s best to have an open mind . As you become acclimated to the “ flavor ” of each farm stand , you will become more familiar with the ebbs and flows of their seasonal inventory .
4 . Enjoy the adventure ! Finding your way through the shelves , refrigerators , baskets , and farm goods is half of the fun in itself . Leave your cares behind , and take a moment to savor every grounding , gratifying , and restorative hands-on experience from your “ back to the land ” farm stand journey .
5 . Patience is priceless . Family-run farm stands don ’ t always have consistent staffing . Due to this , your Vermont farm stand adventure might take a little bit longer than anticipated . Make sure to allot some extra time in your schedule to account for this , and take the opportunity to bask and luxuriate in the relaxing rural atmosphere !

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