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Just Around the Corner : A Vermont Farmer ’ s Comprehensive Guide to “ Farm Stand Readiness ”


While meandering across the New England countryside , you may notice a collection of hand-painted signs along the way . They invite both curious explorers and well-practiced locavores to slow down and take the next turn off of the road to browse through a charming selection of locally-sourced products . The signs could be announcing anything from homegrown produce to handmade artisan craftworks , freshly-baked goods , or freshly-picked fruits and vegetables .

Vermont ’ s homestead farms – commonly found in rural areas throughout the Green Mountain State – are the best places to find small batch , locally-sourced , fair trade , and natural products . As you journey through the bucolic and mountainous landscape , you will find that Vermont ’ s farmers and artisans take great pride in everything that they sell . Their pride is not only evident in the detailed craftwork that goes into their handmade goods , it is also visibly manifested through the natural rustic beauty of the lovingly-maintained farmland that they live on . Thanks to their unfaltering adherence to clean stewardship practices , Vermont ’ s hardworking farmers are well known for creating the best natural products on the market . Not to mention , Vermont leads the country with the most Certified Organic farmland and farm businesses per capita !
For those who are relative newcomers to Vermont ’ s farm stand scene , fear not ! As an experienced Vermont farmer , I have taken the time to compile a comprehensive guide to “ Farm Stand Readiness .” There ’ s never been a better time to explore and enjoy Vermont ’ s independent farm stands . With these handy hints , you ’ re sure to make the most of your exciting and enjoyable countryside excursion – and provide crucial support to family-owned local Vermont farms and businesses in the process .
Seeking Assistance :
1 . If you are the only one around , don ’ t hesitate - that ’ s normal !
2 . Look around for more signs offering polite instruction of what ’ s for sale this week , how much each product costs , and how to pay .
3 . Sometimes , there will be a bell to ring or a phone number to call for assistance . Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you explore your beautiful surroundings .
4 . Occasionally , the farmer or their children will be outside near the farm stand tending to the farm , so they can come assist you if needed . It ’ s important to keep in mind that at the peak of farm season , there is not always a lot of time for the farmer to tend the stand . In order to account for this , many farm stands offer different payment options – which differ from farm to farm .
Methods of Payment : 1 . Cash is always preferred .
2 . In some cases , checks are also acceptable . If you bring in-state checks , farmers are much more likely to accept them .
3 . Farmers will not always be able to provide exact change . Be sure to come equipped with small bills and coins to account for this .
4 . If you don ’ t have exact change , it ’ s always best to round up to the next dollar or buy some more of whatever product they are selling to account for the difference .
Shopping Tips for a Smooth Transaction :
1 . Farm stands usually list the products that are available for sale , but available stock may vary , and prices might not always be listed . Sizing , pricing , and
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