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the most appealing and tasteful way possible . The promotion aspect is also incredibly important . You have to write press releases , do social media posts , and constantly update the website . It ’ s all part of creating an immersive and memorable experience for the people who come through the door . At the end of the day , we want to make sure that we ’ re putting our art out in a way that connects and resonates with our customers .
Q : What do you think makes good art ?
A : ( Michael ) - Art is not always entirely about aesthetics . Obviously , the aesthetics will draw you towards a work of art initially . I like a picture of a beautiful sunset as much as I like a Picasso painting , but I think it ’ s wonderful when you can tell that an artist is entirely committed to their craft – especially when they are effectively able to communicate the stories behind their works . I love artists who can speak eloquently , concisely , and clearly about their art and explain the inspiration behind it . Marcel Duchamp is a great example of that . He was incredibly well spoken , and really shed a lot of light on his creative process and the artistic vision behind his work . Back in the era of Dadaism , there was a lot of controversy surrounding the nature of art , and whether bicycle wheels on stools should be considered real “ art .” I personally think that anything that makes an artistic statement and makes you think can be considered great art , but beyond the statement , it has to be backed up with purpose . When the intent behind the execution of an artwork is welldefined , the piece gets elevated to a new level of greatness . manchester life magazine 2021 51