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Q & A : Southern Vermont Gallery Owners

Ellenbogen Gallery

Old Location ( Until Summer 2021 ): 263 Depot St . Manchester , VT 05255
New Location ( Starting Summer 2021 :)
4620 Main St . Manchester , VT 05255 ellenbogengallery . art
Owners – Carolina Ellenbogen & Michael Ellenbogen
A : ( Carolina ) – Michael and I are both artists . He is a very talented photographer - and I ’ ve been drawing since I was four years old . I started painting and showing my work in my hometown of Maracaibo , Venezuela . I moved here in 2011 . Once I moved to Vermont , I started anew as an artist . When you live in a new place , everything around you transforms , so you begin to see things differently . I became inspired to start painting in a more abstract style than I had before . While I was going through my period of artistic rebirth , Michael and I noticed that we couldn ’ t find too many galleries in the area that would host shows with big groups of artists that were painting in a nonfigurative style . That provided us with the inspiration to create this space . We acquired the space on Depot Street in June of 2017 and hosted our first fully curated show in November of 2017 . Since that time we have developed strong relationships with many artists including Lynne Averill , Christopher Curtis , Reg Darling , Dublin Durller- Wilson , Barrack Evans , Mary Fran Lloyd , Dona Mara , Dan Mosheim , Alfred Perry , Rodrigo Nava , Harry A . Rich , John Richey , Julian Sheres , Gregory Smith , Longina Smolinski ,
James Vogler , Marcia Vogler , Michael Watson , Richard D . Weis and Michael L . Williams . After several years in our current space , we are thrilled to have acquired a brand-new location on Main Street . We ’ ll be moving in there early this summer . It ’ s going to allow us to showcase our collections in a stylish and compelling manner .
Q : What goes into running an art gallery on a daily basis ?
A : ( Michael ) – There is always a lot of customer outreach . On an average busy day , one of the most important parts of running an art gallery is following up and reconnecting with people who have expressed interest in the art that we are showing . There ’ s a lot of work that goes into setting up shows , as well . After the artists that we work with have put all of their passion and energy into creating the art , they then bring it into our gallery and hand it over to us . It ’ s up to us to present it in
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