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Recommendations for Managing Fatigue
When Feeling Drowsy at Work
37 . Muscular activity arouses a sleepy mind by increasing circulation , so get active during breaks ; stand up and perform a few simple stretches to put your body back in balance
38 . Don ’ t eat your meals at your workstation ; go for a walk to increase blood flow to the muscles and more importantly , the brain
39 . Alternate your posture at work every half-hour , especially if you have a sedentary job
40 . Take advantage of any fitness equipment on-site 41 . Engage in conversations to stimulate your brain 42 . Turn on talk radio or lively music to increase alertness
43 . Try a cup of peppermint tea ; along with citrus scents like lemon and grapefruit , their strong aromas are stimulating to the brain ; eucalyptus and pine are also invigorating , but avoid lavender , jasmine or chamomile which can act like sedatives
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