Managing Fatigue | Page 4

Recommendations for Managing Fatigue
Alertness Strategies
Alertness strategies are important for ensuring safety and the prevention of injuries to yourself and others . The following tips will help you stay alert and focused when your body is telling you otherwise .
31 . Take a short nap just before work to boost your alertness 32 . After a nap , let the sunlight in by opening the curtains or raising the blinds
33 . If it ’ s dark outside and you ’ re getting up after 5 am , switch on bright lights ; otherwise , keep the lights low to ensure you have passed your body temperature minimum
34 . Use a “ sun ” alarm or bedside timer that turns on your lamp minutes before your alarm goes off
35 . Turn up the noise - music or TV 36 . Turn down the heat - have a warm or even slightly cool shower to wake you up
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