Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 | Page 103

Angela, the Author I started writing at the age of 12. I had a typewriter and, living a simple island life, my imagination was all that I had. I later turned life experiences into poetry and spoken word and writing becames my therapy. I had accumulated so much that I decided to publish and became engaged in performance art. My published books to date are “The Light, The Dark and Everything in Between”, a book on my writings, philosophies, and poetry. In this book I take my readers on a journey starting with the DARK, opening your eyes to the dreary and desolate side of life. My readers are lost in shadows of dark and devious emotions, very raw and real life. I then take them to the IN BETWEEN where memories and stories of odd ideologies fill the pages. I end the book in a softer tone of the LIGHT. I wrote this with the intent to have my book be an inspiring, consoling and encouraging companion. “Artist Confessions” came years later. This book is a mix of my art and poetry and one with deep meaning. I dedicated this to anyone who has the liberty and aptitude to express themselves freely without fear of repercussion from the masses. I was labelled the most provocative artist in Belize after this publication. Humans fear the truth and this book is all TRUTH…. I performed my spoken word pieces regularly on stage at poetry slams and festivals, the jazz festival and at women bin literature at local universities.