Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 - Page 297

COCHE ISLAND If you are visiting Margarita you dare not leave until you’ve travelled over to Coche. Located 10 minutes south of Margarita, this is an incredible little island just 11km long and 6km wide yet it is a wonderful place to spend an entire day of your vacation. Take a boat from El Yaque Beach and head there for a day of fun: On Coche’s west coast, the weather and wind condition is usually great making it easy for you to practice your windsurfing and kiteboarding skills. You can head to El Amor Beach (Love Beach) where the surroundings are perfect for a romantic interlude. Take an ATV ride and tour Coche’s mini canyon. Snorkel, fish, surf, sunbathe, relax - whatever’s your pleasure. YAQUE BEACH Delicious empanadas that can be filled with meat, chicken, cheese, dogfish and even beans is one of the many things that makes a visit to Yaque Beach worth your while. But, this is also one of the best beaches in the world and perfect for kite and windsurfing. Located about three kilometers from the airport, it is a popular watersport venue. The water is calm and not very deep so families find it safe to relax here with their children.