Luxury Hoteliers Magazine 3rd Quarter 2019 | Page 20

STRATEGIC PURCHASING IS PLAYING AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN PERSONALIZING THE LUXURY GUEST EXPERIENCE By Shelley Hodges New trends in luxury travel are requiring hoteliers to purchase guest comforts and conveniences unique to each destination; A Procurement Services Provider can leverage supplier relationships to source specialized products more easily For today’s luxury travelers, lavish hotel accommodations aren’t enough. Discerning guests want to peel back the layers of a destination to find authentic experiences. For operators, that means delivering personalized stays that guests won’t find anywhere else, and filling those stays with localized food and beverage items and one-of-a-kind amenities that truly elevate the experience. It’s this heightened level of personalization that separates one luxury destination from the next. 20 ILHA According to the Top Trends in Hospitality 2019 report, “one of the biggest challenges facing luxury brands is becoming and staying relevant for a new generation of clients.” The study predicts that consumers under 35 will account for more than half of the global personal luxury goods in the market by 2025. Meanwhile, Chinese consumers, who currently account for one third of the global personal luxury goods market, are expected to make up nearly half of this market by 2025.