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Lumen is Latin for light or lamp . It also means clearness and understanding .
We hope this magazine will throw light on the people , programmes , and philosophy of SJI .
Whether you are a student , a teacher , a parent , an old boy , or just someone who supports the school , may what we have to say help you understand the school and what it stands for and perhaps shed a little more light onto your path on the journey that is life .
On the cover : The 2012 Prefect EXCO . From left : James Stuart , Bryan Lim , Scott Heng , Kenneth Teo , Brandon Krysgman and Jeremiah Lim .
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1 | DAISY CHIA ( Pages 4 , 22 )
Daisy has been with SJI for 17 years . With every class she teaches , she hopes the boys are inspired to love and enjoy the English language .
In her article on the students leaders in SJI , particularly the 2012 Prefect Exco , Daisy sheds some light on why the school is doing so well even after 159 years . These fine young men are stellar examples of Josephians past and present , and what we would like to see in the future as well .
Her article on Agung sheds light on a Josephian who faced a lot of adversity and has found his own way to battle it and come out shining .
2 | P MARAKATHAM ( Page 6 )
Mara has been inspiring History students at SJI for almost 12 years . She teaches Social Studies .
She looks into the thrilling world of waves and paddles at SJI . The Canoeing Team boasts numerous young men who embody the true spirit of sportsmen : fair play , principles , respect , and a sense of camaraderie with one ' s competitors .
3 | ELISA TAN ( Page 8 )
Elisa teaches English , Literature and Core Skills . She has been with SJI for two years .
Her article looks at the new and exciting Business Design Thinking Programme in SJI . The trial classes for this programme at the 2011 Open House at SJI were filled with eager young P6 boys and parents who experienced a new way of learning at SJI .
4 | DARYL TAY ( Page 10 )
Daryl Tay ( SJI Graduating Class of 2008 ) is completing his Diploma in Mass Communication at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and is currently interning at the Corporate Communications Department at SJI .
His article on the Talent Art Programme at SJI provides insight into one of our exciting programmes . Ruben Pang ( SJI Graduating Class of 2006 ) is one of our success stories from the programme .
5 | ALAN JOHNSON ( Page 12 )
Alan has been with SJI for six years . He teaches English and Literature . Alan was awarded the 2009 Most Inspiring English Teacher award from MOE .
His article gives us a look at one of our most loved Josephians who graced the school ’ s Anniversary Parade in 2010 his scout uniform . Mr Hon served as Chairman of the SJI Board of Governors for nine years .
Elizabeth has been with SJI for almost three years . She teaches English and Literature .
In her article on alumnus Roger Chia , she captures the essence of a Josephian : A leader driven by passion and principles . Roger was named Businessman of the Year 2010 at the Singapore Business Awards this year .
7 | CHUA KUN YANG ( Page 24 )
Chua Kun Yang ( SJI Graduating Class of 2011 ) has just completed his ' O ' level examinations . In SJI , he served in the 2011 Prefect EXCO .
In his article , Kun Yang writes about his transformative experience of a week spent in a village in Guizhou , China .