Louisville Medicine Volume 66, Issue 2 | Page 30


Reflections OF GRADUATES

Teresita Bacani-Oropilla , MD

With much anticipation , the great halls are decorated with symbols of the university or college concerned . TVs are strategically placed so all may see . Hymns , patriotic and school songs are being played by select choirs or bands . It is a season of joy when graduations come around .

Graduation ceremonies are tangible proofs of the graduate ’ s accomplishments as , dressed in academic robes , he or she processes with professors and classmates to the rousing music of “ Pomp and Circumstance .” Proud parents and kin point out their graduate . It is also the latter ’ s day . They helped plan , execute , encourage and sacrifice so this day could come to fruition . Tassels , ribbons and medals attest to their graduate ’ s excellence . Parents and especially grandparents brag about the latter , sometimes to the embarrassment of the graduate . But why should they not indulge ? These are symbols of diligence and perseverance that their graduate has worked for .
If there be anxiety about what the newly minted graduate will do in the future , it is ameliorated by the fact that they are equipped to face the challenges ahead . They form the corps of the new generation that shape the future of all present .
A lady in her late forties , having raised among others , a neurosurgeon son , goes back to school . She obtains a nursing degree and joins the nursing force of a hospital to the admiration of her kin and grandchildren .
A gentleman who has successfully worked for years finally gets a formal degree to keep a promise he made to his father . Now he has caught the study bug and is taking a master ’ s degree for pleasure !
What about the ‘ firsts ’ of the family to get a college degree ? It proves to the rest of the younger siblings and their crowd that such accomplishments are doable . They may follow suit .
How many were coerced by their parents in their younger heydays to become physicians ? They eventually loved their profession , did much good , and eventually thanked their parents for their foresight . A little persuasion and the ‘ carrot or stick method ’ still works in many instances .
So , although it is true that people become successful , some even extremely so without a college education , the latter is training ground to make the best use of one ’ s assets . Besides , what gives everyone a high when the band strikes that marching song ? A beloved ’ s graduation ! It is therefore highly recommended ! Congratulations to the graduates of 2018 and their villages !
Dr . Bacani-Oropilla is a retired psychiatrist .
Graduation is a milestone in anyone ’ s life . 28 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE