Living Magazine Winter Living Magazine 2015/2016 - Page 11

What You’ll Need Your preworkout Mito2Max® and a quick inhalation of your favorite uplifting CPTG® essential oil Motivation A (small) workout partner(s) Stopwatch (optional) The Plan 1. Complete 10–15 repetitions of each movement 2. Move on to the next movement with as little rest as possible 3. Complete all four movements of the cycle and rest 30–60 seconds before repeating 4. Complete as many cycles as possible in 30 minutes Pushup (Push) Upright Row (Pull) Variations: Alter hand or foot positions to vary difficulty or emphasize specific muscle groups, increase load via a weight vest or a child on your back. Variations: Pull-ups, bent-over rows using a band Freestanding Squat (Squat) Tabletop Bridge (Stability) Variations: Alter foot positions to vary difficulty or Variations: Plank, side bridge, increase load via a emphasize specific muscle groups, increase load via a weight vest or a child on your back (or chest). or other resistance tools, alter grip to emphasize specific muscle groups. weight vest or a child on your back (or chest). Physical fitness doesn’t halt when the weather gets cold and resume with another New Year’s resolution. Use the cold weather as an opportunity to bring your workout routine into the home, where you can try something new, get re-energized about exercise, and involve your children. Dr. Damian Rodriguez is a member of the dōTERRA education department. Prior to joining dōTERRA, he worked in public health and as a strength coach and nutritionist for professional and collegiate athletes. He holds both a doctorate in Health Sciences with an emphasis in obesity and an M.S. in Human Movement from A.T. Still University, as well as numerous professional certifications in exercise and nutrition. Dr. Rodriguez is a lifelong athlete who has competed in everything from powerlifting to triathlons and is very passionate about educating the public about healthy lifestyle habits. He is a father of two beautiful children. References Hinkley T, Crawford D, Salmon J, Okely A, & Hesketh K. Preschool children and physical activity: a review of correlates. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2008;34(5): 435–441. Jago R, Fox K, Page AS, Brockman R, Thompson JL. Parents and child physical activity and sedentary time: Do active parents foster active children? BMC Public Health. 2010;10(1):194. National Academy of Sports Medicine. Integrated Resistance Training. 2008.