Living Magazine Fall 2014 Living Magazine - Page 34

GUY’S GUIDE: Travel Everyone needs a toiletry kit that is ready for travel. Here are some tips to help you use dōTERRA products while on the go. TRAVEL KEY CHAIN: Place essential oils inside a sample vial for a compact way to carry your favorite oils. • On Guard—Immune booster* • Melaleuca—Calms minor skin irritations • Balance—Provides a sense of balance • Breathe—Promotes feelings of open airways • Lime—Makes great water flavoring • TerraShield—Repels bugs • Lavender—Soothes skin after a day out in the sun • Fractionated Coconut Oil—Dilutes “hot” essential oils and hydrates skin PEPPERMINT BEADLETS: For a pop of fresh breath, place a beadlet in your mouth or pop a beadlet between your fingers to apply the oil topically as needed. ON GUARD TOOTHPASTE: Transfer On Guard Toothpaste into an empty travel container so you can include it in your flight carry-on bag. CITRUS BLISS BATH BAR: Shower with this bath bar to energize your senses first thing in the morning during your travels. TRAVEL SUPPLEMENT BOX: Place Lifelong Vitality in a pill box to help get the necessary nutrients your body needs. If you only have poor dietary choices available during travel, add TerraZyme and DigestZen softgels to aid in digestion. MOUTHWASH: Make a refreshing mouthwash by mixing water and your favorite essential oil, such as Peppermint, Clove, or On Guard. DEEP BLUE SAMPLE PACKETS: Soothe the occasionally sore, tired muscles after a long day of travel with Deep Blue. Carry dōTERRA PROTECTING SHAMPOO and SMOOTHING CONDITIONER in travel bottles. dōTERRA LIP BALM: Hydrate dry, chapped lips. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent desease.