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Lighthouse Trails Research Journal 2 Contents in this issue . . . Southern Baptist Convention Adopts “Critical Race Theory”—A Dangerous Marxist “Solution” That Will Not Work/1 Christianity Today: “We are theologically conservative . . . committed to the glory of God.”—CT History Shows Differently/6 We hope you find the content in this Journal helpful and thought-provoking. Our desire is that we lift up the name of Jesus Christ, turn to the Word of God, edify the body of Christ, and share the Gospel with those who have not yet come into the kingdom of God (through salvation by faith in Jesus Christ by His grace). Editors at Lighthouse Trails Publishing Photos used in this Journal are either from, the public domain, or used in accordance with the U.S. Fair Use Act (unless otherwise indicated). The Fate of the Nations—Then and Now/8 GC2 Conference on Mental Health Includes Rick Warren and Ruth Haley Barton/10 A Biblical Perspective on Salvation Vs. Calvinism/12 Jesus Calling Devotional Series—A Path to Mediumship?/14 Pope Francis/Vatican Launch eRosary to Help Bring About “World Peace”/16 Christian Comedian John Crist Caught as Sexual Predator . . . Which Reminds Us/18 Natasha Vins, Daughter of Former Soviet Religious Prisoner Georgi Vins, Passes Away at 67/20 “If Only I Could Be Sure I Was in the Right Church.”/21 Eugenio—The Christian Italian Student/23 Update on Warren B. Smith/25 Letters to the Editor/36 Current News Clips—Affecting the Church and the World/38 The New Age Christian—An Accepted Oxymoron/40 SUBSCRIPTIONS: The Lighthouse Trails Research Journal is subscription based. The subscription cost is $14 per year for U.S.A. addresses, $22 for Canada addresses, and $34 for other international addresses. You can sub- scribe at any time during the year, and this will entitle you to 12 months worth (4 issues) of the Journal. Back issues of the Journal can also be pur- chased for $3 each (U.S.), $5 (CA), and $8 each (International). There are no additional mailing costs for the Journal. All the prices above include those. RENEWING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION: You may renew your subscription at any time. You can use the form that came with this journal (mark the right box at the bottom of the page), call our toll free order line—866/876-3910 (US & CA), or go to You can also mail in your renewal. OUR WEBSITES: Lighthouse Trails Publishing: Lighthouse Trails Research & News: Lighthouse Trails Research Blog: The Shepherd’s Garden: Mission Work through Bryce Homes: (a UTT site) FREE THINGS: 1. “From the Lighthouse” e-newsletter (delivered to your e-mail box). 2. Free color catalog—write to us, or go to to request. 3. Check out our free sample chapters of many of our books on our website. 4. If you would like to try some free Bible verse tea samples (from our division The Shep- herd’s Garden), just write to us at the address below, and we will gladly send you some. 5. If you are a regular Lighthouse Trails customer of our products, you have learned that we very often include something complimentary in your order. We hope these free items have been a blessing. CONTACT E-MAIL ADDRESSES: General: [email protected] Orders: [email protected] Manuscripts: [email protected] Feedback: [email protected] Customer Service: [email protected] WANT TO GIVE A FRIEND A YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE JOURNAL? If you would like to buy a gift subscription for a friend, family member, pastor, or acquaintance, just send us the person(s) name(s) (you can use the envelope provided in this journal if you like) along with a $14 check or money order ($22 for Canada; $34 for other international) for each yearly subscription. VOLUME 8—NO. 1 SPRING 2020