Lighthouse Trails Research Journal VOL 8 | NO. 1

Bringing Light to Areas of Darkness Since 2002 LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS — Research Journal VOLUME 8—NO. 1 O SPRING 2020 Southern Baptist Convention Adopts “Critical Race Theory”—A Dangerous Marxist “Solution” That Will Not Work n November 25th, 2019, Lighthouse Trails received a link to a YouTube documentary titled “The Stain of Albert Mohler” 1 that documents how the Southern Baptist Con- vention (SBC) passed “Resolution 9” this past summer (2019) which adopts “Critical Race Theory” (a theory that claims to be a solution to ending racism but according to critics is actually a theory enveloped in Marxism). A June 18th 2019 Federalist article titled, “In Last-Minute Move, Southern Baptist Conven- tion Supports Anti-Christian Racial Identity Politics,” expresses concerns over the resolution: The largest Protestant denomination in North America, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), officially adopted “critical race theory” and “intersectionality” as “analytical tools” to be used in fostering racial reconciliation in the church. These key drivers of identity politics, however, are more likely to produce racial discord and strike at Christianity itself. 2 A OneNewsNow article titled “Critical Race Theory—A Bait-and-Switch Tactic Infiltrating the Church” further explains the issue: Lighthouse Trails Publishing, Inc. Lighthouse Trails Research Project P.O. Box 908 Eureka, Montana 59917 Offi ce: 406/889-3610 Fax: 406/889-3633 [email protected] Toll Free Order Line: 866/876-3910 Critical Race Theory (often referred to as CRT) teaches that American culture is rife with white supremacy and baked-in racism, and is used—often subconsciously—to hold women and people of color back. According to pastor and talk-show host Abraham Hamilton III, it’s the philosophy behind identity politics and comes straight out of the Marxist playbook. “[CRT] doesn’t depend on your personal feeling, sentiment, [or] heart condition—it’s based on the group that you’re born into,” [Hamilton] explained recently on American Family Radio. “It completely eliminates individual responsibility, individual sin and expands it to corporate sin. And based on how you’re born, you are immediately ascribed into an ‘oppressor’ or ‘oppressed’ group.” . . . Continues on page 3