LFDA Brochure & Class Schedules 2022-2023 | Page 8

Hip Hop

Hip hop classes teach the techniques needed to master such movement styles as popping , locking , breakdancing , freestyle and other dance forms associated with the popular music and performance artists of today . Class will consist of a warm-up , technical exercises to increase strength and isolation and choreographed combinations to improve style and performance quality . Intertwined into each class is also an improved knowledge of hip hop history , musicality , body awareness , athleticism and the family values of what is real hip hop culture .
HIP HOP 1 ( 8Y +) provides boys and girls with a basic understanding of the foundational movements and concepts associated with hip hop dance .
HIP HOP 2 provides a continuing understanding of hip hop technique with a greater emphasis on concepts such as musicality , fluidity , and sharpness of movement .
HIP HOP 3 increases the dancer ’ s technical ability through exploring various styles of hip hop movement and applying them to longer more complex choreography .
HIP HOP 4 / 5 is an intermediate / advanced hip hop class . Teacher recommendation only .
DOWN WITH HIP HOP is designed to help students with Down Syndrome explore an interest in dance , music , and self-expression . The class goals include teaching rhythm , safe stretching , body awareness , building self-confidence , enhancing social skills , and having fun ! Miss Denita has years of experience teaching people with different learning styles . She looks forward to bringing energy and musicality to this fun class .

Irish Step Dance

We are excited to once again offer Irish Step Dance class at LFDA , instructed by Veronica Lilja , from the O ' Hare School of Irish Dance .
BEGINNER IRISH DANCE ( 4-5Y ) is offered to students who are taking Irish dance for the first time ! Dancers will learn basic skills and beginner dances such as the traditional Irish Jig . ( Dancers are not required to purchase shoes or socks yet ).
ADULT IRISH DANCE Get active , make new friends , and learn how to Irish dance from the best ! Students will learn a " Céilí ", which is the traditional group dancing native to Ireland . This upbeat , social form of Irish dance is one of the best workouts you ' ll find . The class will have the option to occasionally meet at the North Shore Distillery outside of class time to show off their skills and have a fun night out ! Grab a friend and sign up today !