Legislative Oversight (Jamaica) ENG | Page 6

supporting sharing of good practices and lessons learned for financial oversight committees, with a specific emphasis on public expenditure management. Finally, the proposed conference aims to achieve longer-term results by further promoting and strengthening legislative oversight functions and improving transparency of the public expenditures.

The conference aims to provide “peer learning” opportunities for members of finance-related oversight committees in the Caribbean through interactions with members of such committees from both developed and developing countries (as well as international experts), through face-to-face discussions during the technical sessions of the conference. In addition, the conference would discuss technical issues related to secretariat support functions for such committees, such as screening audit reports, preparing work programs, preparing briefing materials, scheduling witnesses, and ensuring efficient and effective operation of committees. Furthermore, the conference will work to strengthen ties and establish linkages between Caribbean parliaments and legislative oversight committees of other countries in the region and the world.