Legislative Oversight (Jamaica) ENG | Page 5

The proposed International Conference on Strengthening Legislative Oversight to Foster Accountability, Transparency, and Sustainable Development will aim to disseminate international experiences among participating countries, with a particular focus on Commonwealth Caribbean countries. As an integral part of public financial management reform, and with strong linkages to the Offices of the Auditor General and Ministries of Finance and other stakeholders interested in strengthening the oversight of public finances, the conference seeks to foster more focused efforts by key financial oversight committees in the region to ensure Executive accountability for public spending. Together with parallel initiatives under national public sector reform programs to strengthen the Office of the Auditor General, the proposed conference is directed toward fostering effective demand for, and achievement of, accountability.

The conference will contribute to the broader goal of strengthening accountable and transparent governance. In particular, instead of addressing a broad range of issues related to legislative, representational, and oversight functions of a Legislature, the Conference will focus primarily on