Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 9 | Page 27

THREE LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS Passion It’s more than just enthusiasm and excitement. It’s something that radiates from your whole being. People can feel it when you walk into a room. Passion is a vision that is so powerful it pulls you toward your dreams. It is a magnet to help you create. I bring passion to my business and everything I do. Clarity You want to be so crystal clear on your vision that if you were a captain of a ship, people would be lined up to get on board because they know you are the best person to help them navigate toward their goals. When I help my team achieve their goals, I automatically achieve my goals, so it’s important to choose teammates whose vision is aligned with yours. Consistency You have to be consistent with the actions that will grow your business. This means consistently doing these four simple steps: 1. Use the oils, 2. Share them, 3. Enroll new people, and 4. Repeat while teaching others to repeat those steps over and over. It really is that simple. The simpler I keep my business, the faster it grows. my life. I have an hour commute to work, so when I’m driving, I work on some type of personal development, setting up a mentor call with my teammates, or doing a follow-up call for the oils.” Time that would normally be wasted becomes productive. As a police detective, her husband Adam is a natural skeptic, but it didn’t take him long to see the benefits the essential oils provided for his and Rigel’s health and finances. He is able to use his expertise on working with people to support their team. Adam says, “Everybody’s reference point is different, so I encourage our team to not project a canned pitch to people when they share the oils with them. Instead, they need to take a few moments to listen and to see the world through their lens. This will give them a huge margin of understanding about how the oils and the business can help others.” dōTERRA has become a passion for the Smiths that has changed their lives. “I’ve figured out how to make my passion my paycheck,” Rigel says. “That’s powerful. When you have passion and energy and enthusiasm for what you do, it radiates to all aspects of your life.” She loves being able to share the dōTERRA glow with everyone she meets. www.doterra.com 27