Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 6

Daily Essential Oil Use A resounding theme when speaking to dōTERRA consultants Sandy Truman, dōTERRA Blue Diamond, is a dynamic leader, teacher, and essential oil expert. about building their business is that you must love the product. It seems apparent to most that you can’t sell what you haven’t experienced. We caught up with dōTERRA Blue Diamond, Sandy Truman, and asked her to walk us through a typical day. We were amazed at the ways in which she integrated essential oils into her daily routine. It’s no wonder the Truman’s are having success. They sleep, eat, and breathe dōTERRA everyday. read on for Sandy’s ideas>> Morning School Start your morning off right by diffusing your favorite dōTERRA essential oils. Arrange for a day of learning by applying Balance, vetiver, peppermint, or Citrus Bliss to the bottom of the feet. Rejuvenate yourself with the Citrus Bliss Invigorating Bath Bar. Sterilize children’s hands with On Guard, lemon or melaleuca. Wake your family to the scent of peppermint. Prepare bottles of water and On Guard for sanitizing your child’s hands and desk throughout the day. Enjoy cinnamon french toast prepared with On Guard or cinnamon bark. Take LifeLong Vitality. Shave using the On Guard foaming soap. Try Breathe or frankincense as an alternative to aftershave. 6 essential leadership | spring 2012 Offer to provide your child’s classroom with a diffuser.