Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 24

Persistent and Consistent NEW! FAVORITE PRODUCTS Lemon (Item No. 3012) “I keep it close. I love its many benefits.” –Rhonda A DIAMO RR S ND rhonda & scott ford dōTE Frankincense (Item No. 3007) and Peppermint (Item No. 3019) “I place a drop of each in the palm of my hand and breathe it in. It is a great jump-start to my morning.”–Scott NEW! “ f you are trying to do this business, then stop trying and just do it. I Be persistent and consistent.” Business Tip “ here is always a T solution to every dilemma, whether it’s what oil to use, where to place a new IPC, what step to take toward building your business, down to something as simple as a misplaced order, with doTERRA, there is always a solution.” “I was brought up in a family that was focused on health, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle,” Rhonda said. “I was raised by a mother who found creative natural remedies to help her children stay well.” Rhonda and her siblings learned about and experienced whole foods even before they understood the mechanics of walking. She rarely had white flour or sugar in her home and can remember a breakfast of fresh squeezed, hot lemon juice and honey. “Yes, I was starving and couldn’t wait for lunch,” Rhonda exclaimed. “However, without my mother’s wisdom and experience, I would not be where I am.” Rhonda’s mother provided her with a base of knowledge from which to build. Rhonda met Scott, her husband, in California where she had taken her first job teaching school. They moved often, living in five different states, before settling in Nashville, Tennessee. They had some great experiences and made amazing friends along the way. Rhonda counts herself lucky, not only does she have two beautiful, college-age daughters, who she describes as the joy of her life, but she’s been married to her “biggest cheerleader for nearly 25 years.” Both Scott and Rhonda are familiar with the struggles of starting a successful business. Besides being a school teacher, Rhonda has been a realtor and 24 essential leadership | spring 2012