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Get inspired consultant stories Working with What You Have We may look at new consultants and lump them into categories based on what we see, but the truth is that each of us has a unique story and diverse struggles. Each of us steps into this industry with a different level of business understanding and knowledge about alternative health methods. We may be business owners, stay-athome moms, or unemployed due to today’s economy. However, each of us has an opportunity within the structure of dōTERRA to work with what we have. The advantage of owning your own business with little to no overhead is that you can make of it what you desire. You choose the outcome based on the hours you put in, the attitude you take, and the dedication to your team. There is no one to stop you from succeeding but you. Here is a consultant who understands firsthand the saying, “working with what you have.” Aimee McClellan’s story>> 22 essential leadership | spring 2012