Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 20

Who Said You Can’t Do It All NEW! FAVORITE PRODUCTS DigestZen (Item No. 3103) “It changed our family!”–TAMMY Peppermint (Item No. 3019) “It opens the airways and increases endurance.” –TAMMY LifeLong Vitality (Item No. 3421) “I love it! I believe in it!”–David Fennel (Item No. 4129) “Whether I need it or not, I like the taste of it.” A DIAMO RR S ND tammy & Dave miller dōTE –David NEW! “Be patient. Do something every day that will build your business.” Business Tip “You must have a vision, something that you can look forward to, something that will prevent you from getting bogged down in the day to day. Set benchmarks that will help you get there. “ 20 essential leadership | spring 2012 B eing employed in the commercial print industry, Dave Miller was exposed to a wide variety of business models. However, much of his work came from direct sales. In addition, several of Dave’s friends were founding members of large, multi-level marketing companies. Despite being so closely tied to the industry, Dave and Tammy never had a desire to become involved. Dave explained, “After selling print options to people all day, I really wasn’t interested in selling products to people all night.” Although they weren’t interested, the Millers couldn’t help but notice the lifestyle some of their friends enjoyed. While the family was staying in a friend’s cabin in Montana, Dave had an epiphany. “I was trying to stand by the right tree in order to find cell service, clients can be demanding and I needed to stay in contact. It was at this time that I started to think that multi-level marketing might just be a good thing.” Dave and Tammy had been approached often about direct sales but it wasn’t the right time or product. They knew about dōTERRA early on, and wondered how it could be successful. “I remember them having something like 17 oils, and thinking how is anyone going to build a business with that? People are