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dōTERRA’s Reach Around the world International growth How to get involved: We take wisdom from Kenichi Ohmae, a globally respected business leader. He said, “Think Global, Act Local.” For IPCs who are anxious to get involved with the international expansion, the best approach is to understand the global reach of dōTERRA, but to look locally for global contacts as you build your business. There are international contacts everywhere within the United States. dōTERRA is expanding globally in three ways: 1 dōTERRA has offices supporting IPC activity in Taiwan and in the United Kingdom. They have recently built a facility in Japan that will be fully operational in the spring of this year. 2 dōTERRA ships products and pays commissions to IPCs in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and throughout Europe. 3 dōTERRA’s Global Access program allows an IPC to enroll their contacts living in other markets, but the upline IPC will need to provide shipping and commission payment support. 18 essential leadership | spring 2012