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A Flair for Life Passion in the Trenches NEW! NEW! Lemongrass (Item No. 3103) “For its versatility, healing power, cleansing effect, and harmony!”­ Sharon – A DIAMO RR S ND sharon & Jason McDonald dōTE LifeLong Vitality (Item No. 3421) and On Guard (Item No. 3110) “These keep Jason energized and feeling healthy.”–Sharon NEW! “People are naturally competitive, but it’s not about us, it’s about others.” Business Tip “Many of us go through life at the rate it chooses. To be successful, we can’t allow life to dictate our path–we must dictate our own!” S haron, during a graduation party at Disneyland, made a wish at Snow White’s wishing well. She wished for a husband, but vowed she would never marry a man from California. Four short months later, she met her husband Jason, a native Californian. Apparently wishes come true and thankfully, stipulations are ignored. It was love at first sight, two weeks later they were engaged and four months from their first date they were married. Skeptics would say that this couldn’t possibly work, but Sharon and Jason have been happily married for fourteen years. Sharon was an educator, teaching first and third grade. Later, she would work within the community teaching citizenship and English classes before becoming a stay at home mom to her five children. Jason’s work allowed his family the opportunity to live overseas. They had the wonderful experience of living in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Ezra, their fourth child, was born in Austria, on the coldest day in European history. In 2007 while preparing to move back to America, Sharon broke her foot. For four months, her foot could carry no weight. She was told she would need surgery. A dear friend informed Sharon that essential oils would heal her foot. Sharon’s response was clear, “I don’t want your black voodoo magic.” However, two months 16 essential leadership | spring 2012