Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 15

2 Commitment Each time a future Diamond IPC works with a leader, they should help them commit to finding three business builders. A builder is defined as someone who is committed to 20+ hours of work per week, 150 PV Loyalty Rewards order a month, 3-5 new contacts a day, sets written goals, and holds events and trainings. 3 Sharing A future Diamond IPC should encourage their builders to host at least one class each week. At that class, the leader should focus on scheduling classes with each attendee. Builders who do this well grow quickly. One way to encourage this behavior is by providing incentives for hosting a class. 4 Structure It is important for a future Diamond IPC to help builders structure their team in a way that maximizes the Power of Three bonus. This will set them up perfectly, for moving up in rank, as their team grows. Their main focus should be to help their three builders hit their $1500 bonus. When one of their builders hits that bonus, comes close, or is becoming extremely independent, then the time is right to add a 4th leg. When a builder’s second leg reaches that point, then they can start a 5th leg, and so on. 5 Enrollment A Consultant working towards Diamond should retain enrollership when they enroll a new IPC despite where they are placed. If however, that consultant has a builder who is ready to move up in rank, but cannot because the enrolling IPC has retained enrollership, then they should immediately sign the enrollership over to the builder who needs it. However, only sign enrollership over on the day that your builder is hitting rank, not before. 6 Communication Those seeking to reach Diamond must be in contact with their front-line builders every business day; more if necessary. They should contact their second level leaders once a week, and their third level builders once a month. They should teach their leaders this same behavior. 7 Training When a future Diamond trains their builders to teach a class they may do the following: teach the first class, bring handouts or help your builder arrange handouts. Team teach the second class, giving the less difficult portions to your builder to provide confidence. Aid in teaching the third class, choose one section in which your builder is least confident. Simplify the content and show your builder how easy that section can be. Show support in the final training class. Introduce your builder, then allow them to teach, stay close by to aid if they get stuck or need help. 8 Building Out-  side Your Area If your builder is not local, the same requirements still apply. In order to achieve Diamond you must be consistent with all builders. Travel to their area once or twice a month to hold classes with them. In the meantime, they should be required to hold weekly classes, build from those classes, report progress, and continue with all other requirements previously discussed. Work with them over the phone even though you cannot be with them. Thanks to Teresa Harding for providing these tips. Teresa is a dōTERRA Founding IPC and Blue Diamond. She lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She loves photography and being with her family. 15 15