LEAD eMagazine L.E.A.D. For Youth | Q2,2019 | Page 11

Austin Evans

Rising Senior, Texas A&M

Summer 2019 Intern

What’s one problem that you had to solve or task you had to complete? Describe how you solved/completed it.

One of my tasks this summer was to reach out to board members and make sure their social media profiles were updated. I had to be very diligent in my communication because our board members are so busy. Due to their hectic schedules, I missed my reporting deadline and was concerned that I had failed. After talking with Coach Kelli and letting her know the status of my task, she explained that as long as I had done what I was supposed to do I had not failed. She told me to report out what I had on the due date. She wanted me to learn that keeping communication open was the lesson to learn because I can only be responsible for what I can control.

What problem do you anticipate this week?

There may be a problem with where I see myself being the best asset during a practice. I started solving this by having a conversation with Coach Desmond to figure out my place.

What’s one problem that you had to solve this week? Describe how you solved it.

There’s an Ambassador that does more talking than listening, so I had to pull him aside because he was beginning to be a distraction. After talking with him, he made an adjustment to his behavior.

Which Ambassador stood out most to you this week?

Elijah has improved a lot since my first day out. He’s learning how to make contact with the baseball and his throwing accuracy gets better with every practice.

What did you learn this week from the coaching staff?

This week I learned some good drills from Coach Desmond that the Ambassadors really enjoyed.

Devon Shaw

Rising Senior, Tuskegee University

Summer 2019 Intern