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Preparing our Ambassadors for the workforce in whatever industry and career they choose is the purpose of our Commerce pillar. Upon being selected as an Ambassador, everyone is on an unpaid internship. Every Ambassador has a job to do within the organization. Duties are assigned for practices, games and events. For Ambassadors who demonstrate commitment to the program by having good attendance in school and for LEAD events, good behavior in school and during LEAD events and improvement in their grades, paid internships are available.

In addition to internships for our current Ambassadors, we also provide paid internships for Ambassador Alums in college. Again, these opportunities are designed to provide the necessary workforce experience our Alums need to be viable candidates for the careers they desire. In their own words, hear what they’ve experienced and learned.



Rising HS Senior

Spring 2019 Intern

Why did you apply for the internship opportunity?

I applied for the internship opportunity because I needed to earn some money to help my mom, and I felt I needed the exposure to learn how to lead people. I want to be a leader when I’m adult, so I felt this experience would help prepare me for that.

Share at least two things you learned about yourself during this experience.

I learned that I am impatient and that I can be too controlling from time to time.

Share at least two things you learned about leading others during this experience.

I learned that if you don’t set the example of a leader yourself, then you won’t be taken seriously. I also learned not to take anything for granted, because everything I’ve gone through during this time has been for a reason. Things I did well and things I did wrong have helped me be a better son, brother and Ambassador.

Share which Habitude represents your internship experience and why.

The Habitude that best represents my internship experience is the Golden Buddha. The Golden Buddha was a gold statue that was covered in concrete. Nobody saw the gold underneath until all the experiences in life started to chip away at the concrete. I didn’t think I was going to do a good job at the beginning of the internship, but through all the experiences that Coach CJ and Coach Desmond put me through the gold in me began to show.