Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 - Page 15

mind but the thoughts behind this dominant force that transform ideas into reality. ?You are the placebo? simply means that whatever you believe in will heal you. The definition of the ?placebo effect? is positive thoughts that generate positive effects. Remember, you must not just think a thought; you must feel it, in every fiber of your being. You must observe that desire as if it has already taken place. You must send out that positive energy and surrender your mind, body, soul, and spirit completely. Only then are you capable of attracting all that your heart desires. Life should be something that you can build just by thought without worry and without stress! One of my favorite quotes has been my biggest life lesson. ?Be your own f riend, f orgive, l ove, and nurt ure yoursel f ,? by Jessica Ortner. This healing insight helped me realize how to create a sanctuary for my mind, body, soul, and spirit. For an example, I didn?t believe I was worthy of love. Forgiveness was a huge struggle for me but when I learned that forgiveness was really about me and not the other person, it gave me permission to forgive, love, and nurture myself without holding back. It is so dear to my heart now simply because it helped me to nurture my inner child. Forgiveness is about me, not the other person. It helped me heal lifelong wounds as well as sadness, sorrow, and grief that was not serving me or anyone else. It helped me value my emotions, give them a voice, and let them go. Finally, I could heal every fiber of my being. I have to admit I haven't always made the right choices. I didn't do it the easy way. I ignored my body. I tormented my mind with negative thoughts. I hated my life and who I had become. I shamed my spirit by not realizing I needed to nurture myself. As I immersed myself in the self-improvement field, I realized I was doing things all wrong! I needed to embrace my body, forgive my mind, love my soul, and honor my spirit! I hope you can understand how vital it is to be your own friend, forgive, love, and nurture yourself for your healing, your enjoyment of life, and to achieve your full potential! Remember, it?s never about another, it?s always about you. You must become that friend that you have always longed for. So, I began to nurture myself at every level to slowly heal. Self-care is a must. It helps you feel more in control, not only of your body, but of your life. Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, vitamins/ supplements, and improved sleep are all your responsibility. Here?s the secret to a healthy and fulfilled life? Illness is caused by lack of self-care! Lack of self-care has robbed you of creating a life you deserve. It has made you believe that you don?t matter. · What you do mat t ers! · What you t hink mat t ers! · What you f eel mat t ers! · Your act ions mat t er! · Your at t it ude mat t ers! · Your bel ief s mat t er! · Your programs mat t er! · You mat t er! This will give you the fundamental building blocks to implement self-care for every part of your being. It shows you that you are in control of your thoughts. It teaches you how to listen to your mind and critical voice to know what false-beliefs that keep you stuck. It teaches you to listen to your pain and to know what your body needs. It teaches you to intuitively listen to your soul. It?s vital to know what emotions need to be processed and released. It will help you to listen to your spirit; to live your truth, your purpose, and realize your full potential. Excerpt: "I began to believe in myself. I began to believe in the process. I began to believe in the Law of Attraction. I began to believe that I could truly be healthy again? once I discovered that I could be happy. I also learned how to forgive. I was having more and more positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. Changes were taking place in my body as well as in my life. I was excited! I felt alive! I felt empowered! Page 15