Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 14

Let 2019 BE F* #%I NG A M A Z I NG! By Debor ah Lu cer o Do someth i ng more empow eri ng th an a New Year?s Resol uti on Pl edge to Be F* #%I NG A M A Z I NG! There is a very simple 5-Step process that accelerates detoxification, releases trapped emotions, create a positive mindset that actually reprograms your mind, and increases your drive to add exercise/ physical activity to your daily life! Isn?t that amazing!!! All five of these steps are crucial in nurturing the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Western medicine has long forgotten that you are a whole person. And yet your mind, body, soul, or spirit cannot be separated which is why these amazing 5-Step processes really work. The key reason for this is because you will be inspired to honor your mind, body, soul, and, spirit. You will learn how to quiet your critical voice to stop feeling stuck, limited, and even disgusted. Once these obstacles are eliminated, the power of the mind takes over to reach your full potential. In order to take full advantage of the 5 steps, you must totally surrender to access the power of the mind. Today, the most common problem needs to be dealt with by complete surrender due to the high stress response cycle. All most all of us are overwhelmed by stress daily. Just as you become addicted to unhealthy food, you become addicted to heavy stress of work, traffic, children, and emotions that are self defeating and especially around relationships not serving you. This stress response cycle is a consistent force in our life making stress seem a normal way of living and yet it becomes an addiction (feels normal to be stressed) which is made stronger by chemicals released in your body as you think, feel, and react to your environment. Over time, stress becomes your normal mode of living and if you feel happy or ?F*# % ING AMAZING!? you feel like something is wrong. Not only that, but people stuck in the stress response cycle can?t access the power of the mind. This reason alone made me want to develop a simple step-by-step process to finally begin to live a life happy, joyous and above all, FREE. It is not just the ability to access the power of the Page 14