Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 12

Your gifts and your voice are unlike anyone else?s, but they are yours to nurture or neglect. Here?s what I know and teach: you are called to create for a reason, whether it is a book or another personal dream. It?s part of the Divine partnership you signed up for long before you were born. You came into your life with a purpose and as a co-creator with the Universe, you already have everything you could ever need to make your dream a reality. Don?t think of your book as something you can or cannot ?do.? The Universe is writing through you. There are no limits to what?s possible. It ?s a spirit ual sol ut ion. Recently, a client recommended a newly-released book about how to hack every process of your life from your diet to your career. I was drained and spiritually exhausted after the first chapter. Life isn?t meant to be that hard. You don?t need to beat yourself into submission with rules, or a rigid, minute-by-minute discipline to keep you in line. You don?t need a wrist band that measures your heartrate, hot flashes or the number of times you pass gas in a day. Seriously. All the science in the world can?t tell you how to navigate your soul?s journey. You are a spark of Divine light and not just a programmable bio-computer. The minute a client wants me to create an Excel spreadsheet or text them hourly to keep them accountable, I know they?re lost in thought. They?re listening to the busy brain, so anxious and distracting, telling them how inadequate they are and impossible their dream is. I know they?ve slipped out of awareness of Source, where all answers, motivation and direction come from. Granted, it?s not always easy to stay tuned in to your deepest self where the river of Divine Consciousness runs. But as a coach, my job is to remind you when you?ve tuned out. When my client Helen pauses and says, ?Um,? before she answers a question, I know she?s back up into her head trying to figure it all out by herself. I remind her she doesn?t have to do that. Neither do you. You al ready know what t o do and how t o do it . Something magical happens when you get out of your thoughts long enough to listen to Spirit. When you trust that your dream is Divinely inspired, you will let it be born into flesh. It will come as a holy work flowing through you. Yes, there are steps to follow. But, if you?re in the flow, what comes next will be obvious and when it isn?t, synchronicities and coincidences will show up to point the way. I?m going to take a little pressure off here. You don?t need to worry about writing the perfect book because it is always a work-in-progress, a different message altogether depending on who reads it. No two readers will be impacted exactly the same way. But, they will each get exactly what they need. See? Your writing is only part of the process! You?re never done. As Abraham-Hicks says, ?You?ll never get it done.? Isn?t that a relief? Achieve all you want, but you?re not finished, there?s no end-game, only the ongoing out-folding of the Divine, eternally. That?s pretty cosmic, but I think it?s true on a personal level too. For example, when I was seven I wrote the definitive poem about trees. I sat on the floor and scrawled into my marble notebook until my little hand hurt. My mother loved it. I cringe when I think about it. What if I had thought back then, ?Welp, that?s it! I?m done creating and evolving now!? You may not be seven, but it?s ridiculous to think your book is your last or best creative offering either. You?ll never get it done ? just keep expressing, creating, and being. As much as I love books and writers, I don?t want you to just write a book. That?s boring. I want you to create, make a difference and deepen your own spirituality in the process. That?s what makes you a part of the Law of Attraction movement that is shifting the future for all of us. If you say ?Yes!? to creating your dream, the Universe says ?FINALLY!!? and rushes to your aid. If you say ?No,? your gift stays in the back of your mind, or the back of the desk drawer. ?Yes!? is the key right now to success, hope and abundance ? for you and for the world. I hope this will be the year of ?Yes!? for you. Page 12