Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 11

those thoughts stop him. He?d get depressed and try to forget all the brilliant ideas and excellent chapters he?d filed away. Now he embraces the idea that people want to read his book. Even better, he?s learning to change the story he?s been telling himself. Wil l you writ e your book t his year? If you?re like Marlie, Rhonda or Brett and feel the Universe insisting you write a book, believe me, there are people who need to read it. Your words are magnetized to find your perfect readers, the ones who will resonate with what you have to say. Don?t worry if it?s not perfect. Do you think J.K. Rowling sat down and wrote the Harry Potter series without a single re-write, or a team of editors? Of course not, and you won?t either. So, what get s in your way? Everyone has their own unique ways of resisting their calling to write a book, (or fulfill their other dreams,) but Marlie, Rhonda and Brett are perfect examples of the big three: 1. waiting for the ?right? time, 2. feeling overwhelmed, and 3. self-doubt or ?I can?t.? These are al l just t hought s, powerf ul but reversibl e. They are t he condit ioned l ies we t el l oursel ves ? perf ect l y nat ural , common t o al l of us, and compl et el y over-come-abl e! Here are some ways t o shif t your t hinking. 1. There is onl y now. The right time to start writing your book was when you first thought of it. The next-best time is right NOW. Good thing the Universe does not unfold as past-present-future the way we think it does. Metaphysically, there is only now. Remembering this gives me a sense of ease: it?s never too late. It also gives me a sense of urgency: if not now, when? Here?s where we draw on a hybrid law I like to use, the Law of Attraction-Action. You need both, especially when it comes to a project like writing a book, which only happens when you open the laptop. So, begin by affirming: Divine Love flowing through me now draws to me the perfect words to share my heart?s message. That?s the first step on your book journey! Bon Voyage! You are right on time. 2. Feel ing overwhel med is a mind game. I get it, a book can be BIG. By that I mean long, complicated or hard to imagine starting or finishing. But, a book can also be BIG in its impact, power, and potential for success (for you) and service (for others.) Drop out of your thoughts about overwhelm for a minute. What recurring memories keep showing up? What lingering dreams are you having that you can?t let go of? What out-of-the-blue insights are shooting you out of your seat? The Universe points the way with these clues. Write them down without judgement, even if they are only fragments. Understand, these non-thought-based messages don?t come through in perfect form and sentence structure. For most of us, the Universe whispers and hints around. It doesn?t clearly dictate entire volumes, at least not at first. Don?t let those insights, memories or dreams get away! Trust the Universe and take notes. 3. I am not good enough and I can?t . The Universe is expressing through you. How glorious could your book be if you believed that truth? Pretty glorious. Page 11