Lab Matters Spring 2022 | Page 31

APHL-CDC Fellowship Programs an exceptional experience for fellows , mentors and laboratories

APHL-CDC fellowships provide experiential training to bachelor ’ s , master ’ s and doctoral-level scientists in preparation for impactful careers in public health laboratory science .
Historic funding has expanded this valuable fellowship program and even more opportunities are now available !

Many Opportunities

Do you know anyone interested in starting an exciting new career in laboratory science , working collaboratively with industry leaders and developing professional networks ?
There are many fellowships available in various disciplines , including :
• Bioinformatics Fellowship
• Environmental Health Laboratory Fellowship
• Food Safety Fellowship
• Infectious Disease Laboratory Fellowship
• Management and Operations Fellowship
• Quality Management Fellowship
• Ronald H . La essig Newborn Screening Fellowship

Host Labs Needed !

We encourage APHL member laboratories to apply to host fellows . The benefits of hosting are many :
• Supports ongoing laboratory services
• Supports response to outbreaks and other investigations
• Contributes to projects that might otherwise be delayed or not initiated
• Provides supervisory and mentorship experience for host laboratory staff
• Introduces young scientists to public health laboratory science , allowing you to help shape a new generation of the workforce
• Provides a possible workforce pipeline for staff openings in your laboratory

Find more details and applications at

www . aphl . org / fellowships


APHL will soon announce a new Internship Initiative for Fall 2022 !