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Ongoing Global Laboratory Leadership Programmes
APHL has recently entered into an agreement with the Global Fund to implement the GLLP in Mozambique , Sierra Leone and Tanzania through a Service Delivery Innovation Strategic Initiative ( SDI SI ). The overall objective of the SDI SI is to support improved service delivery for HIV , TB and Malaria through a range of interventions that address key weaknesses in health systems . Implementation of GLLP will provide a forum to provide high caliber advanced training in laboratory systems and laboratory management to senior leaders , support strategic and impactful investments in laboratory governance structures , and catalyze change through mentorship and innovative capstone projects . n GLLP Implementation Countries n Actively Implementing Countries n Global Fund Countries

The Public Health Pricing List

The Public Health Pricing List is a membersonly listing of discounts and special offers that APHL negotiates with corporate partners .
You can get special pricing for instruments , service agreements , equipment , testing supplies , PPE and more from companies such as Bio-Rad , Luminex , Roche Diagnostics , QIAGEN , Promega , SCIEX and Waters .
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This list is only available to the APHL member representatives and member associates who have been given membership rights under your laboratory ’ s APHL membership .
For more information about the public health pricing list discount offerings , please contact Camille Walker , Manager , Corporate Relations , camille . walker @ aphl . org .
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