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LED display solutions manufacturer , Absen , recently erected an impressive LED display to SANY Group . Boasting Absen ’ s new indoor fixed install LED product for the APAC and LATM regions , the KL Series , this video wall was built as part of China ’ s national strategic initiative to further develop the manufacturing sector , ‘ Made in China 2025 ’.
The 5G display terminal sits at SANY Group ’ s factory No . 18 , in Changsha . In collaboration with partners ZTE and Huawei , SANY Group has jointly developed 5G smart manufacturing applications . SANY Group ’ s core company , SANY Heavy Industry was founded in 1994 and is China ' s largest and the world ' s fifth largest construction machinery manufacturer .
As one of the world ’ s leading equipment manufacturers , SANY Heavy Industry deals with complex challenges in network security , service centralisation . Existing wired and wireless private networks are not able to meet such communication requirements , creating a need for high-bandwidth , low-latency , high-reliability , and easy-to-deploy networks to provide connected and operational support for manufacturing .
Capable of handling 5G , the newly installed screen displays two video streams of HD surveillance data , that are transmitted and distributed to a campus monitoring centre using multi-access Edge Computing ( MEC ) through the 5G network .
The 5G data creates high-level requirements for the display terminal and the KL series is able to meet all of them . The 2.5mm pixel pitch LED screen can display a number of realtime operation images in HD , helping operators to monitor critical activity in the factory , including components transported through the hanging systems , and the robotic arms handling product materials .
Boasting high brightness , grayscale , contrast ratio and refresh rate levels , the KL series is suited for a wide array of commercial and domestic applications . Using turnkey LED displays instead of components that need to be assembled on-site , the KL series not only helps save time and labour cost but also improves the end quality of a project .
Absen ’ s project manager Leon Liu said : “ Very large display areas bring great challenges to the overall uniformity , flatness , stability and life-span of the installation . Our products are calibrated after going through a series of critical product tests , which ensures high visual uniformity over time and maintains the product lifespan at the component level . The KL panels are also made of fine die-casting aluminium , which further ensures the flatness of the overall display for an excellent visual impact .”
Security and maintenance were also key factors since the LED video wall is installed 5m above the ground . With a depth of only 70mm , and weighing 7.8kg per panel , the KL series was perfectly suited for this project . It also offers front and rear installation and maintenance , and its design embeds the PSU ( power supply units ), cables , receiving cards as well as other key components . n
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