Kiosk Solutions Aug-Sept 2020 | Page 5

When I last wrote , the lockdown was beginning to be slowly lifted , with businesses , shops , restaurants and bars gradually opening . However as I write today , the government is reducing the number of people being able to congregate , businesses are closing and many people are sadly losing their jobs .
It ' s very clear that Covid-19 has made harsh changes to many of our lives . But wherever there are challenges , creative minds get to work and begin to look forward . Adjustments are of course required and alternative channels need to be sought to reimagine our pre-coronavirus activities . Our industry constantly investigates and identifies different ways of touch free , mobile and self-serve operations , and in this issue we explore how to blend physical and digital experiences whilst keeping in mind the importance of minimising the spread of viruses .
Touchscreen technology has remained relevant since it first emerged on the scene back in the 80s . Our features examine how emerging technology can help in typically traditional service operations , such as the high street and banking sectors . We ask , can technology actually help shape our transactional future ?
Of course it ' s all about communication . We ' re aware that the information we find via digital signage or self serve kiosks , helps us purchase , be educated and keep informed . These channels continue to integrate digital touch points into our day to day activities . We look at how our industry has an amazing opportunity to expand upon how to connect with individuals , build better relationships and become an even stronger tool for businesses to engage and interact with their clients .
As always , stay safe , stay well and keep looking forward .
Laura Vallis Editor KIOSK solutions 5