Kingsgate Park Sports Centre Olympians

Magnificent Achievements Sport brings challenge, and a vital balance to academic life. The expertise and enthusiasm of our coaching staff readies boys to represent their sport at regional, county, national and international level, including at the Olympics. The redevelopment of the PE Centre will allow all our boys to enjoy and participate in a variety of sports, while enabling the most talented and driven to train and compete at the highest level. The first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens almost 125 years ago in 1896. Since then Old Wykehamists have competed in no less than 16 different Olympics. They have won 17 medals of which 7 were gold, although some might argue this should have been 8! Here we celebrate some of these magnificent achievements. Noel is the only OW to win a gold medal at an Olympics without having to play in a final for the medal. Noel qualified for the final of the Men’s Singles Rackets and his opponent withdrew after injuring his arm in the semi-final. This was also the very first gold medal awarded at the 1908 London Olympic Games and the first gold medal won by a Wykehamist.