Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 2 | Page 8

Foros do Arrão Preschool Classroom This activity took place in Foros do Arrão and we were exploring the legend of St. Martin. Firstly, the story was read and explored in English and Portuguese. Secondly, the vocabulary was also explored and we did a small role-play. Then we made our first bilingual book to stay in the classroom. The teacher wrote the legend in English and Portuguese and the children drew, coloured and cut out. In the middle picture, a child presented the book, he told the story using Portuguese and some words in English (the vocabulary that had already been taught). In another moment, we counted chestnuts and through it we worked Maths. With the music teachers we sang songs related to the date: “ten little chestnuts” and “1,2,3 castanhas…” 8