Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 2 | Page 7

Ervideira Preschool Classroom The end of school year party happened on Subsequently three children read a story the 13 th June 2016. The presentation started they had invented. This was a follow up with a brief moment developed by the activity from a story that was read in class: Physical Education teacher in the school Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? playground. After we invited parents to Three participate in a small moment developed by creating their own story and they presented it the Music teacher, and with the help of the to t heir families. One of the stories created Preschool and English teacher. For that we was Flower, flower, what do you see? And had to go to the Music classroom where we the other two were Sun, sun, what do you showed parents how music was developed see? Children proudly read it to the public. throughout the year. Finally, children received a certificate and The next moment included a small music some gifts arranged at school. presentation. This moment included songs in Parents were then invited to start the meal. Portuguese and in English. Parents had a This included grilled sardines, salad, pork booklet with the songs and they were invited steaks, fruit and sweet desserts. to sing with their children. 7 girls accepted the challenge of