Keynote Speaker Booking Toolkit May. 2016

SP E AKI N G .c om Speaker'Booking'Kit' 2016 Contracting Tips Booking a and Terms Celebrity Terms&and&information& everyone&should&include&in& speaker&contracts.&Page&3.& Top Speakers for 2016 What&to&expect&when& booking&a&celebrity& speaker.&&Page&7.& Set&your&event&apart&from& the&rest&by&booking&new,& trending&speakers&with& unique content for 2016! Page&9.& How'to'Determine'the'Best' Keynote'Speaker'for'Your'Event' With&so&many&options…&how&do&you&find&the& perfect&fit&for&your&audience&and&event&goals?& Speaker selection is one of the most important elements of a successful event. But selecting the right speaker can be a daunting task, especially since there are thousands of options to choose from. More people than ever are on the speaking circuit – from retired politicians and bestselling authors to athletes and regular people with an extraordinary story to tell; all with varying backgrounds, topics, experience, fees and presentation styles. The famous TED talk series alone features thousands of speakers, from almost every background. Let’s say you’re selecting a speaker to set the stage for your three-day annual meeting. Will your audience and overall program benefit most from a celebrity, an expert in the field, popular sports personality, bestselling author or a professional speaker who has a thorough knowledge of the appropriate topic? A recognizable name can be a big draw, but a well-known person might not guarantee a professional presentation. And, higher speaking fees don’t always mean high quality. There are many compelling speakers in all fi fields with lower speaking fees. (continued on the next page…)