KEYnote 42 English - Fall 2021 - Page 16


News in Brief

Windows 11 Support The newest versions of CodeMeter 7.30a and WibuKey 6.60 are officially ready for Windows 11 . Older versions are already Windows-11- compatible , so that many users will not need to update their runtime .
AxProtector Python AxProtector Python , first announced in the last issue of KEYnote , was officially released with CodeMeter Protection Suite 10.80 in the summer of 2021 . The tool makes it easy to automatically license and protect Python applications against reverse engineering .
AxProtector JavaScript Another new addition to CodeMeter Protection Suite 10.80 is AxProtector JavaScript , designed for the automatic protection and licensing of JavaScript applications running in node-based environments . These include desktop applications using Electron and server-side JavaScript applications using node . js .
CodeMeter 7.21b Clients with extended Windows 7 support contracts can now download CodeMeter version 7.21b , which includes all security patches for CodeMeter 7.21a , the final version of Code- Meter with standard free support for Windows 7 . Should any of your users still operate Windows 7 , we recommend contacting our service team to receive the version you need .
CodeMeter 7.30a CodeMeter 7.30 introduced new versions of CodeMeter Runtime and CodeMeter SDK and included CodeMeter Protection Suite 10.80 . The highlights of this version provide improved support for Docker systems ( see the article in this issue of our KEYnote ) and the new support for Windows 11 . A bugfix version 7.30a was released in October .
CodeMeter License Central Internet Extension 21.04
In May , we released the License Central Internet Extensions 21.04 , including many new highlights like a fresh renewal concept , new sample models of different Software Activation Wizards , and new connectors to link up with ERP , CRM , and e-commerce systems . The renewal concept works by creating unrestricted licenses that are given technical expiration times but are automatically renewed as long as the licenses are not withdrawn . This approach ensures that lost licenses cannot be used indefinitely by the – legitimate or illicit – “ finder ”.
CodeMeter Cloud Lite 2.2 CodeMeter Cloud Lite 2.2 was released with expanded support functions to facilitate failure analytics .
CodeMeter Cloud 2.1 CmCloudContainers hosted in the Wibu Cloud offer a degree of security that can be compared with our secure hardware elements , CmDongles . CodeMeter Cloud 2.1 gives software developers the ability to use CodeMoving with CmCloudContainers , previously restricted to CmDongles only . The dashboard has been given a facelift , and the automatic clearing of unused licenses has been improved .
License Portal In November , CodeMeter License Central Extension 21.11 will introduce a new license portal that allows users to manage their licenses and CmContainers themselves . This self-service capability reduces the support burden for software developers , especially when combined with CmCloudContainers .
CodeMeter Embedded 2.52 CodeMeter Embedded 2.52 was released in June 2021 and now includes the ability to return moved or borrowed licenses .
WibuKey 6.60 Long-standing clients of Wibu-Systems are not forced to switch to CodeMeter and can continue to buy and use the WibuKey first introduced in 1989 . Version 6.60 is a maintenance release of the WibuKey runtime , officially made available to support Windows 11 .
CmDongles Fully Available Despite the supply problems affecting chip and component makers , CmDongles are fully available for our clients – invaluable certainty and reliability in these difficult times , made possible by our longterm supply contracts and strong inventories .
German Innovation Award 2021 Goes to CmCloud
Wibu-Systems was chosen among the winners of the German Innovation Award 2021 for CmCloud , the system that allows all users to access their licenses and software wherever they are .
New Expertise for Wibu-Systems ’ Management
In April , Thomas Oberle joined our management board as our newest executive officer with responsibility for organizational development , process optimization , tools and methods , and program and product portfolio management .
Support for Artists and Children in Need
We care about our business – but we also care about our society . That is why Wibu-Systems is supporting the newly set-up Foundation of the Karlsruhe University of Music as well as the Pasos Pequenitos ” daycare center in Honduras and the “ 1000 Schools for Our World ” project of nph Latin America , Germany .