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Case Study | TVPaint

The Challenge TVPaint Développement , the creative minds behind France ’ s market-leading bitmap animation technology , has been serving the art , animation , and design world since 1991 . Their 2D animation software is a firm favorite among users ranging from established studios and ambitious freelancers to aspiring students and lovers of the art . In a market as diverse as theirs , including virtually every budget level and enterprise size , TVPaint needed a solution to protect and license its IP that was both reliable and easy to implement for all users .
The Solution The company originally relied on different generations of dongles from other vendors for simple copy protection , but their chosen setup quickly spiraled into a logistics challenge with software distribution by DVD and dongle assignment taking up more and more of the company ’ s precious resources . Looking for a nimbler and more versatile solution , TVPaint turned to CodeMeter for a secure and reliable licensing system .
The Success Switching over to the CodeMeter licensing system turned out to be the commercially and operationally best choice for TVPaint and a comfortable experience for everyone involved . With initial support for the company ’ s legacy dongle system and assistance with realigning TVPaint ’ s IT landscape , the technical switchover was finalized in a matter of hours , and CodeMeter ’ s
license distribution and management processes quickly integrated with a rebuilt ERP system using Odoo . TVPaint ’ s products are now sold and licensed in a cleanly integrated and efficiently automated online process , leaving the company the time to concentrate on what it does best : Creating exceptional animation software .
The Company TVPaint is a raster-based 2D animation software , developed by TVPaint Développement , a French company based in Metz . Since its very first version developed for Amiga computers in 1991 , TVPaint has continually gained traction and is now regarded as one of the industry standards for 2D animation , used by numerous studios and taught in many schools around the world . Not only does the vibrant TVPaint community provide suggestions for constant improvement , but it is also active in the creation of scripts and brushes and trading advice on how to leverage the maximum potential from the software .
Dean C ., Technical Sales Agent , TVPaint Développement There ’ s a benefit for everyone . Customers who purchase our software online can start using it within a matter of minutes . They don ’ t have to wait for a parcel containing a dongle . We don ’ t just save time and effort that was needed to ship thousands of dongles , but also realize important savings on shipping costs , customs , and taxes .”